• Dalai Lama Signed Memorabilia

    Dalai Lama Signed Memorabilia

    Size: 44cm x 56cm
    Frame: Black

    Signed Dalai Lama Nobel Peace Memorabilia
    Presentation set of Dalai Lama memorabilia, set in a 44cm x 56cm black frame

    This Dalai Lama signed Nobel Peace memorabilia display set includes:

    Signed black and white photo of Dalai Lama receiving his Nobel Peace prize in 1989
    Colour photo of Dalai Lama giving a talk (unsigned - top photo)
    Colour photo of Dalai Lama at reception (unsigned - bottom photo)

    There’s something magical about memorabilia. Take this Dalai Lama presentation set for example. It’s framed to make the perfect display piece, and we’re passionate about making sure everything is 100% genuine, so you can buy or give with confidence.

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