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Raise the money. Lower your risk

A charity auction of sports and music memorabilia & collectibles adds a burst of excitement to your event and generates valuable income. In the heat of a bidding war, when that competitive streak comes out, your memorabilia auction could generate far more than you expected!

In order to hold your charity auction of music and sports collectibles first you need something to auction. And if that doesn't present a problem, the next issue might: because whilst your charity memorabilia auction should be a fantastic success, there's always the nagging doubt that if anything fails to meet its reserve price you, or the charity, could end up spending money instead of raising it.

Your charity memorabilia auction - protected by Sports Legends

Thanks to Sports Legends, you can hold your charity memorabilia auction without worry and without risk. And you don't even need to own any sports or music memorabilia!

Here's how your charity auction works:

You choose 8 pieces from our collection - the music and sports collectibles you believe will appeal most to your guests
We set a reserve price (which represents our lowest possible cost)
On the night, you auction each of the pieces. As soon as the price climbs above the reserve price you keep the rest. And if one of your items fails to meet the reserve? No problem. Return it to us in its original condition and you won't pay a penny.

No cost. No risk. And the potential to make your charity night memorable for all the right reasons.

We've supplied the following organisations with items for sports memorabilia auctions:

  • Accrington Stanley FC
  • British Red Cross
  • Bury FC
  • Lancashire Cricket Club
  • Lancashire FA
  • Rochdale FC
  • Wigan Warriors RLFC

Talk to us about selecting pieces for your music or sports memorabilia auction. Contact us now.

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